Christian Celaya (Benzos) and Woody Ranere (Lake Trout) make up the group known as WITH LIONS and November 1st marked the kick-off of an ambitious four-EPs-a-year cycle with the release of Touch the Sound.

Epic and cinematic, each EP is a mini score. Dark, with saturated harmonies, With Lions show a different angle per track list, whether it’s a childhood film or a single scene etched in memory.

The New Yorker calls it “slow-cooked shoegaze,” Metromix says “multi-layered,” The Owl Mag sees the music “influenced by ’60s pop and ’80s synth-rock” and Time Out NY dubs it, “moody, post-Radiohead art pop.”

But Secret Sound Shop sums it up best when saying, “With Lions are one of those bands whose music you hear and find instantly likeable.”